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Patient Communications Management

Patient Communications ManagementPatient Communications Management

One Alliance Communications is now offering a new series of patient communications services to healthcare providers.

The goal of patient communications is to

A relationship between a patient and their physician develops from the first appointment on and can last a lifetime or only a few visits. A long-lasting patient relationship is created when physicians and their staff focus on several key touch points. Consistent, efficient communication between patients and their doctors, cooperative staff, and a focus on individual care are all a part of the multi-faceted process that is critical to build long-term trust and confidence. If healthcare providers do not meet the individual needs of patients from the start, patients will look elsewhere for care.

At One Alliance, we offer our services in a three-point program, beginning with a:

Patient Communications Audit

Patient Communications Audit

As a healthcare provider gains a sustainable patient base and continues to grow, how the provider originally presented itself to patients is usually blurred or lost along the way. Providers may mistakenly assume that branding loses its importance after they have established a foundational patient base. This is a common misconception. A Patient Communications Audit will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, and present areas of improvement in your internal and external patient communications.

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Next, we would conduct:

Patient Marketing ResearchPatient Marketing Research

With today's limited resources and healthcare reform still an unsettled subject in the minds of many, there's no room to make investments in media, whether it's traditional, electronic or social, without identifying and understanding your markets.

Patient Marketing Research will identify demographic, geographic, psychographic and generational profiles that will accurately define your target markets and the course of your internal and external marketing efforts.

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The next step in the process is:

Patient Communications Management

Patient Communications Services

Communications with your patients runs the gamut of every internal form or piece of collateral they touch, to your external marketing efforts, including your online and social media presence. We offer a one-stop shop for all of your everyday printed materials, inclusive of all forms, appointment cards, prescription pads, etc., with 24-hour turnaround on most items. Your forms are digitally stored on our daily backed-up servers, so that minor edits or changes can be managed with ease, while giving you peace of mind knowing that communication with your patients is efficiently managed. We offer full graphic design and digital art production services for additional communications materials, such as logos, stationery packages, brochures, newsletters, event materials and all advertising mediums (print, broadcast, out-of-home and web). Full media services are available, including research and media buying for traditional or online media entities. We offer full web development services, SEO programs, and assistance with developing a social media presence.

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