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We are an ever-expanding group of creative partners, each with a particular skill set and a shared belief in the value of design and production.

Our award-winning statewide campaigns for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Kentucky State Police brought much needed dialogue about seat belt and road safety issues into the public domain. Our five year campaign for the Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors was honored with a first ever award from the Federal Highway Administration for the most innovative use of resources since the agency's inception in 1893.

We took an international tabletop and quilted accessories textile designer and distributor to a 15% increase in sales with our first assignment. We nationally branded and positioned SmartClinic, a breakthrough electronic medical records software to a buyout by a larger concern who folded the language and technology into their existing product line. With proper identity, branding and marketing, we doubled the revenues of a local caterer within the first year.

Communication is an art. Less is more. Where may we take you?