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Advertising is now one of the most complex fields in the world. Many business owners and executives try mightily to sort it out on their own. While media management has never been a particularly easy job, it is now more difficult than ever due to the never-ending change on all media landscapes. Many see advertising as a first step. One Alliance disagrees. Often times, buying media is not the solution to growth or sales. When it is, it is advisable to have media representation to eliminate the sales pressure, personal biases and time consumption. One Alliance has provided advertising and media services for nearly every category of industry since 1991.


The object of utilizing any media is to reach a well defined target market. One Alliance carefully sorts through the ever changing list of media entities that may or may not be suitable for a client's ultimate marketing objectives. All media entities are examined for their value and cost effectiveness and may include, newspapers, tabloids, magazines, radio, television and cable programming, websites, billboards and indoor signage, as well as an entire array of specialty mediums. One Alliance provides start to finish services including media research and planning, rate negotiation, value add, and buying.

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